Community Groups

Community Groups


10.00am - 14.00pm


10.00am -14.00pm


5pm - 7pm

Phoenix  Art Group

There is now a growing evidence of the positive impact arts can have on health and well-being.

Participation in art-based activities can improve your health and reduce some of your expereinces with your mental health & well-being.

We are committed to providing services throughout the year for people who would like other ways for improving their health and well-being.

Come along and build your self confidence and self esteem, improve your mental health and well-being. Meet new firends and reduce social isolation

Tripple T (Tea, Talk, Therapy)


Our peer lead womens only group, is open access no referral needed, come along for an hour or 4 hours.

Meet our friendly volunteers, have a cuppa, take part in crafts, plan events.

And most of all make new friends, socialise and join our community family.

S.W.A.G.E.R ( Southwick, Ward,All,Guys,Emotional Resilience Group)


S.W.A.G.E.R is a male support group based is Southwick, run by Sunderland men to support locals in Southwick and in Sunderland.

Southwick has a high rate of male suicides and we want to offer a place where you can go and seek support. This group will enable you to build peer support, reduce isolation and have a place you can go were its "Ok to not be ok".

These statistics are worrying, and we have listened to our male service users who would like us to start a group up specifically men.

Working aged men account for the largest number of suicide deaths in the UK.