Sharon Boyd - Entrepreneur, Counselling Supervisor, Tutor & Speaker


This is me.


“ When you know who you are, you’ll know what to do.”



During my life so far, I have experienced much of both the joys and pain this world has to offer.

It has given me the reality, to be able to actually live my personal and professional vision for the future. My future and all of those whose lives I am able to touch.

It has allowed me to know and understand better, who I really am and more importantly, what I want to do with my future. What I want is to be able to increase the prospects, welfare, and outcomes of children, young people and families.

Making a difference to those who need my special gifts of compassion, inner strength, integrity and Love. Giving something back to those in desperate need of help both emotionally, physically and mentally.

I often look back and remember just why I started my business with £50 capital and my office, represented by the kitchen table in my home at the time.

Those reasons, stay with me to this day. In fact, they are the main drivers which want get me out of bed every morning!

So, the real Sharon Boyd, listens, is passionate about her work ethic and above all, cares about people in this tough, tough world.

Project Details

I.M.P.A.C.T Northeast

CEO & Founder

Private Counselling Practice S & L Therapies

Honors & Awards

Employer of the year - Portfolio Awards

Winning employer of the year  was a humbling award, and showed how my staff felt about my management and leadership

Training Provider of the year 

We won training provider of the year, this show cased our work and our ability to connect to our learners in the community. We work with learners who are expereincing poor mental health, and this was a great acheivement..

University Blue Print Award


Sharon Boyd

Phone:     0191 367 0105