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Our company ethos is to go the extra mile,  if you feel that you have what it takes to put people first then we are the right place for you to work.

We help thousand of vulnerable children, young people, and families every year.

We work in schools and in the community offering early intervention  to crisis support. 

Staff participating in community events

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Company Values

Our Values are to ensure that we will go the extra mile for every client and colleague.

We will be responsive to each individual's needs, by showing compassion to you and each other, fostering an honest approach which you can trust in.

Trust is an important catalyst to ensuring we have a respectful and supportive relationship. We will approach our values with enthusiasm and our integrity will be upheld through the delivery of all our values which underpin what we see as going the extra mile.

Commitment to Our Employees

We will never remove all the stress from someone’s job but sometimes a little stress isn’t such a bad thing, however, we believe that if our staff are happy with their job and know they are valued and have support this can help with stress. If people are happy we know, the work they produce will be better. This sounds obvious but so many managers and directors miss this trick when managing their staff, we won’t.

We will take the time to speak to each employee individually, be flexible with requests when we can, when we ask for opinions we will actually be listening. Everyone can have a good idea within a company and our staff should all know that, a successful team is an integrated team were you all matter.

Making mistakes are ok, it’s how we own them and correct them that matter. At the moment, we are not of such a size where speaking to each employee can be difficult. But as we grow, which we are doing, the ethos will be so ingrained into the mind-set of our senior staff that they will not forget their experiences when the company wasn’t quite so big. They will not forget that they have to know their people and always support them going forward.

It’s my job as C.E.O to ensure our cultural traditions are maintained through all levels because I want staff who are confident in themselves and their team and will be willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. If we can go the extra mile for you, we know you will go the extra mile for our customers.

Sharon Boyd

Current Vacancies

  1. VOlunteer COunsellors - Sunderland & DUrham 
  2. Sessional COunsellors - Sundelrand, Durham, Northumberland

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Why choose us

We are a respected organisation in the Northeast of England, making a positive impact on the well-being of children, young people and their families in schools and communities. We provide staff with access to high quality CPD, events, supervision, and on the job learning expereinces and support.

We not only care about our clients, we care about you and  your family too, and will always endevour to ensure you are able to put your family first. We offer flexible approaches and solutions to your family's needs  and will always make reasonable adjustments.

All our staff started off as volunteers and we're proud to say that we have grown and support the empowerment and development of all our staff.