Quality Assurance

All the relevant and appropriate policies & procedures are in place allowing us to work with children and young people and vulnerable adults– copies of these are available on request.

We are also GDPR complaint and have been registered with ICO for 5 years.

All insurances are compliant

• We are working towards introducing our own kite mark which schools will receive as evidence that they are promoting a whole school approach to well-being.
• All staff work ethically and professionally, within confidentiality boundaries and adhering to data protection and child protection laws.
• All staff receives clinical, team and group supervision. Our counselling and behavioural teams are over seen and monitored by our Clinical Supervisors, and line managers
• All staff have up to date DBS checks which have been verified (this includes our administration staff).
• All staff have relevant and recent safe guarding training (within the last 12 months) and this is updated every year or whenever there are any statutory changes.
• All staff will have an ID badge (lanyard) when they visit your premises and schools will be provided with letters off approval for your central database.
• Individual assessments are carried out before seeing any client, following handover meetings with the school.
• We will use the Wellbeing Star, CORE YP or Strength and Difficulties questionnaires (SDQ) as a way of measuring distance travelled by clients. “360 feedbacks” will be used to measure success to provide a benchmark to improve future services. Any feedback we receive is used during our quality audits, to asses and monitor our services, and all results support how the company moves forward. The results of any feedback are also used to help us to asses if our staff are providing a quality and effective service.
• Schools will be provided with a list of named staff delivering services within their establishment, with full details of their qualifications and experience.
• All staff take part in a programme of continuous professional development and training to keep up to date with changes and develop new skills, which will be of benefit to the service we provide.
• All relevant and appropriate insurance is in place.

If you have any questions, then please email us at sharon@impactnortheast.co.uk.