School Services

Making an IMPACT in schools through early and bespoke social, emotional, and  mental health  interventions

I.M.P.A.C.T Northeast provides a bespoke wellbeing support service for pupils, families, and teachers.

We work in all educational settings and offer a range of services to schools across the North East and North West of England. Our services include counselling, mental health and family support, behaviour management, and training.

We use tried and tested methods that are backed up by extensive research.

School-based counselling is likely to be most effective where it is delivered as part of a whole school commitment to improving mental health and wellbeing. Emotional health is everyone’s business and schools will want to consider the following areas of school practice and how they can work together to best support pupils(DFE-00117-2018)

Have a look at the services we offer  or contact us for further information.

A video made by some of the pupils in one of our partner schools.

"I really appreciate the extra time that you and your colleagues spent in school this week, supporting us through our Ofsted inspection. We value your support hugley and we really appreciate it."

 - Head teacher, Grangetown Primary School

The need for early intervention

Evidence suggests that there is a significant need for early mental health support:

  • One in eight children and young people have a diagnosable mental health problem, and many continue to have these problems into adulthood. 
  • 50% of those with lifetime mental health problems first experience symptoms by the age of 14. 
  • Among teenagers, rates of depression and anxiety have increased by 70% in the past 25 years. 
  • NHS England estimates that poor mental health costs the economy, NHS and society £105 billion a year in England  (WHO)

Children and young people are less likely to suffer from reoccuring serious mental health difficulties in later life if they receive support at an early age.

Our proactive apporach will be hugely cost saving to adult mental health services.

Growing evidence indicates that promoting positive mental health correlates with a range of positive outcomes in schools, including increased levels of attendance, lower exclusion rates, and an improvement in attitudes towards learning. 

Social, Emotional, Behavioural & Theraputic  Support 

Children spend upwards of 7800 hours at school over the course of their lifetimes. As a result, the classroom presents itself as the ideal environment for identifying early behaviour patterns, and promoting good emotional wellbeing.

For children and young people who may be experiencing adversity at home, school can be the only consistent protective and theraputic enviroment, which can help them cope.

Take a look at our resources to understand how we can support your school, and help our community reap the benefits of our tailored approach.

Training & Workshops

We offer specifically written  courses for your school or establishment, alongside family workshops and family learning.

We also have a arange of pyscho-emotional-educational courses  adapted for 5-19 year olds to increase emotional intelligence and coping stratergies. Our workshops are delivered to the highest standard by expert trainers. 

We also hold a 'Friends Resilience Liceense'.

Training for your school or organisation,

Mental Health Advocates

Workshops for pupils

Friends Resilience Program

Family Support

A Family Support Worker would be allocated to your school to work alongside a counsellor or as a standalone worker if you do not have one of our counsellors in place.

This worker will enhance the overall effectiveness of the services you offer your families by engaging with parents and carers.

The family support workers will attend meetings and support the school’s overall targets for attainment and increased well-being.

Family support workers can be employed to work alongside your school counsellor, supporting parents and carers in implementing strategies taught in school counselling sessions, and in implementing and sustaining positive changes to home life and daily routines.

"Impact north east are amazing . Can’t recommend highly enough for their support of pupils , families and staff . Today we had 4 impact staff who delivered great workshops for World Mental health day, plus counselling sessions and drop in . 

You are an essential part of our school community and we couldn’t imagine not having the support that you all provide!

Keep on doing what your doing".

Jacqueline Glass, Head Teacher Bowburn Primary School