Overview of Services

Educational settings can purchase bespoke services which meet their needs.

We will work with settings, to ensure that we tailor our packages to best fulfil the requirements and aims of the school or setting.

We will also offer parents and carers the opportunity to take part in any of our training or workshops (subject to demand and availability).

On the strength of parent or carer participation, they may gain the opportunity to train as a volunteer, with a view to employment.

Our universial offer includes psychological support for staff .

Our school counsellors are all fully qualified, hold a current DBS check and adhere to the ethical framework of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), fully insured and registered with a professional body of their choice.

They all have regular supervision and their CPD is up todate.

Talking Therapies

Counselling is an intervention that children & young people can voluntarily engage in to explore, understand and overcome issues in their lives which may be causing them difficulty, distress or confusion.

Good mental and emotional well-being is an integral part of children and young people’s holistic development. When this development is inhibited talking therapies and interventions can be an effective and important resource.

There are two options to suit your school budget 

we offer bundles for spot purchasing or yearly packages.


1.There is flexibility within bundles in terms of times and days.

2. If a school purchases a bundle towards the end of an academic year, the unused hours will carry forward into the next year.

3. Additional bundles can be purchased at any time.

Yearly packages

1. A named, dedicated counsellor will be on site all day providing support for pupils, staff and families.
2. Your school will decide the day which best suits. This day will remain the same all year.
3. Additional “Talk Time” sessions will be available at no extra cost, to other pupils during lunch and break times, thus providing a listening ear for all children.

4. An additional staff workshop is included at no extra cost.
5. Additional free counselling is available for staff and families at no extra cost.
6. Counselling and support is available to pupils, staff and families throughout the whole year and is not limited to term time only.

7. Reports

8. Finanical report and tracking for governers meeting

9. Attendance at core meetings

We use nationally accrediated outcome measurement tools to assess and measure distantce travelled.

These include consultation with families and staff.

Family Support

A Family Support Worker would be allocated to your school or setting to work alongside a counsellor or as a standalone worker if you do not have one of our counsellors in place.

This worker will enhance the overall effectiveness of the services you offer your families by engaging with parents and carers.

The family support workers will attend meetings and support the school’s overall targets for attainment and increased  well-being. They can be employed to work alongside your school counsellor, supporting parents and carers in implementing strategies taught in school counselling sessions, and in implementing and sustaining positive changes to home life and daily routines.

Behaviour Support

Our aim is to support pupils’ wellbeing which, in turn, will promote their progress and attainment in school.

We work with pupils, staff and families to improve behaviour both at home and in school.

We believe that behaviour support and early intervention must be individual to each learner. Our work, therefore, is tailored to meet the needs of individual pupils following consultation with staff, parents and carers.

This can include counselling, play therapy, individual or group sessions and family support wok. We believe positive behaviour modification has a higher success rate when families engage and are supported to work towards the same goal. Having a holistic approach has a greater chance of success instead of firefighting problems.

We have two packages available, get in touch with us for further information.


These sessions aim to improve psychological and emotional well-being, enhancing and giving control to children and young people  over their impulses and increasing knowledge of actions and self.

These sessions, can reduce negative coping strategies will include practices such as breathing work, calming techniques, Meditation, gentle movement and storytelling.

These sessions are 30minute bursts sessions for small groups of 6. You can purchase 1 session as a healthy taster, the cost is £85 a session.

However, we suggest for sessions to be more effective that a block booking of six 30minute sessions is advisable for £450.00

CLinical Staff Supervision and coaching (Provided through our partner company

Moment of Truth Well  -being Group)

We are aware of the current pressures that schools and staff face, our clinical staff supervision/coaching is a new proactive and preventative service for head teachers, SENCO leads and safeguarding, managers and mental health teams.

Help prevent burnout , increase productivity, reduce staff illness and offer them a confidential support service that enables them to therapeutically deal with the pressures and any secondary traumas they may experience.

This professional service gives your leadership team a space and time to work through any hidden barriers, which will help reduce stress and increasing emotional availability for your children.

I.M.P.A.C.T NORTHEAST are an accredited Licensed training partner of The FRIENDS Programs International Foundation and we can provide training workshops across the UK.


Those attending Facilitator Training can become licensed for 3 years and implement the Friends Programme in their workplace as a Charity organisation, Community Group setting, School or Health Setting.

Friends Resilience Proogram

Endorsed by the World Health Organisation

The FRIENDS programs is an Australian developed, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) based programs, endorsed by the World Health Organisation, as best practice for the prevention and treatment of anxiety and depression, promoting resilience in families, schools and communities.

The programs have proved effective across all age groups and into adulthood, both nationally and internationally.

The suite of FRIENDS programs (Fun FRIENDS, FRIENDS for Life, My FRIENDS Youth and Adult Resilience – Strong Not Tough) showed effectiveness at post, 12 months and 3 years follow up, by reducing reported anxiety and depression symptoms and increasing resilience, self-confidence, self-efficacy, self-esteem and social emotional skills.

The Programs have also been shown to improve peer relationships and positive attitudes towards learning and the school environment generally.


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