Friends Resilience Program

The programs have a firm theoretical and evidence basis. The theoretical model for the prevention and early intervention of anxiety and depression addresses attachment (emotions), physiological (body), cognitive (mind), and learning (behaviour) processes, which interact in the development, experience and maintenance of anxiety.

Friends Resilience offers training to teachers, education professionals and allied health professionals, who wish to deliver the FRIENDS programs in their own clinic, school, organisation, government department, community, or country.

Friends Resilience has developed a national and international network of Licensed Partners who use the widely tested and proven effective, research based FRIENDS programs.

Understanding Anxiety

Our children on our Well-being Warriors (Friends for Life) course  made this video to share what they learned during the course.

Better Buddies

This program devlops the social and emotional development of children aged 4 to 7 by using fun, play-based group activities.

Fun FRIENDS nurtures the child’s development by teaching them to engage resilience early on, encouraging them to thrive and smoothly transition into school life.

Well-being Warriors

The Well-being Warriors is a social skills and resilience building program that has been recognised by the World Health Organisation as an effective means to prevent anxiety for children aged 8-11.

It is proven to reduce anxiety and provide participants with the tools to rise to life’s challenges, and make the most of setbacks and adversity.

Our well-being warrior, FRIENDS for Life program also improves participants’ social and emotional skills, ability to focus, confidence, and the capacity to relax and regulate emotions.

My Friends 

My FRIENDS Youth is a group-based program that equips participants with the necessary tools to overcome new challenges that are commonly experienced by the 12- to 15-year old’s.

This program empowers early-teens to deal with stressful situations by normalising the state of anxiety and teaching self-regulation by the “Emotion Thermometer” concept.

It also develops self-confidence by arming participants with positive and creative strategies to problem solve challenges and setbacks in every area of their lives.

My FRIENDS Youth is evidence-based and has been proven by research to decrease anxiety and depression in adolescents.

Adult Resilience Program

The Adult Resilience program is ideal for students and adults from year 11  who may be dealing with a dramatic increase in pressure from school (or finishing high school), choosing a career, social lives, and home.

This may lead to stress and anxiety about exams, relationships, and body image, among other things.

These have led to an increase in teenagers and adults experiencing anxiety or depression and a wide range of mental ill heath, which limits their ability to thrive during this time.

The Adult Resilience program helps teenagers and adults to find fulfilment in creativity and productivity and flourish. Backed by years of research, the Adult Resilience program is evidence-based and proven to equip participants to be the best version of themselves, and reduce anxiety by equipping them with skills and tools